I worked with Donna to secure a speaker for our Member Expo conference. Donna was responsive to my outreach, working to coordinate the event with our selected speaker. All went smoothly and the event was a wonderful success!

Beverly Lakey

Associations of Washington Cities

What a pleasure collaborating with Donna to find a speaker. She is amazing to work with. She listened to our needs and provided us with the right speaker for our event. She was patient, friendly, professional, and followed up to make sure we got what we needed!

Eric Lewis

Executive Director - NXT|CLT

Donna was very professional. She responded to all emails and calls promptly. I enjoyed working with her. Her speaker was excellent and knowledgeable.

Lady Jane Acquah, Ph.D.

CSM Special Events Manager

Speakers We Represent

These speakers know exactly what their audience is expecting from them and deliver exactly that, in a fun, interactive, and no-pressure environment. They ensure that their audience are engaged, entertained and full of energy, throughout their event. Last but not least, these speakers pack their small speaking duration with tons of value for their audience so that they can go back and implement all those strategies and become champions in their own league.

Our featured speakers are experts on their topics and in their fields Presentation styles are highly professional and filled with content, interactivity and motivation. They can customize their speech to fit clients mission statements, visions and topics of events.