Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell




Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is the Intuitive Business Coach™ who leads her clients to Live Life on FIRE for the Ultimate Successful Life with peace, joy, and fulfillment! Lynita has built an award-winning law firm and publishing house, is a #1 Bestselling Author, CPA, an ordained New Thought Minister, and is recognized nationally as an outstanding community leader.

Yet something was missing: accolades and achievements did not bring lasting happiness.
There had to be something more. And Lynita created it: the "5 Step Formula to the Ultimate Successful Life with Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment", and now shares it with audiences around the world!


Lynita Mitchell Blackwell leads groups and organizations to become more successful in their personal and professional lives as they increase peace, joy, and fulfillment.


Helping successful people who have hit a dead-end


Look Within for Your Happiness
The Blueprint to live life on fire
Take Action to Seize the Day
Your Health is Your Wealth
Build Your Support Network
Problem Solving
Real Estate