Sara Palmer



Sara Palmer is affectionately known as the "Permission to Choose" Speaker, Trainer, & Coach. I give people permission to choose themselves - I'm hired by companies, organizations, and event planners alike, to train and teach their High-Achieving employees and clients, especially Moms - they've checked all the boxes, beaten every foe, met every goal they set. And now they're burned out, overwhelmed, and supremely unhappy. I show them how to balance the life they have with the life they want (but are afraid to try for.) As a Trainer, I capture attention, make deep connections with the audience, and leave them full of confidence, energy, and the power to move forward.


High-Achievers (especially women and moms) have always battled against almost seemingly impossible obstacles to succeed in work, relationships, parenting, and personal development. Add in the pandemic and aftermath, social unrest, and heightened expectations and it's a guaranteed recipe for failure: poor work performance, absent boundaries, guilt and shame, and a loss of self.


-Learn the Difference Between Self-Image and Self Care
-Identify Common Obstacles to Self Care - Societal, Cultural, Familial, Internal
-Examine Six Self-Care Facets (HALTtm)
-Distinguish and Reframe Personal Challenges
-Connect Brain Plasticity and Self-Care Success
-Compile Means for Support - Societal, Organizational, Personal


-It's Not the Gel Tips: What Modern "Self Care" Gets Wrong
-The 6 Self Care Facets of HALTtm
-No "White Women Yoga Solutions"
-The Highway vs. The Footpath
-"Yeah, But...": How to Address Your Unique Situation
-From Sabotage to Slay