Toni Harris Taylor



Toni Harris Taylor is known as The Networking Queen and The Coach that Connects. I was recently asked, "What's your why?" After pondering the question, I stated, "My why is to touch move and inspire my clients to be greater than they were before they met me. I'm a connector and a resource. I love helping my clients build deeper relationships that are beneficial to their life and business." Yep that's me! I help my clients to get out of their comfort zone to take drastic steps. The word DRASTIC is not only a mindset but it's an action word. I believe that no one is successful without taking drastic steps, and I'm honored to help my clients to be DRASTIC!


Her company Drastic Results Marketing and Sales Coaching helps entrepreneurs to get known, get connected, and get paid! She teaches the how-to leverage branding, networking, and speaking to magnetically attract their clients to grow to six figures and beyond!


Monetize Your Networking
Learn the #1 mistake and how to avoid it in your networking
Get Known, Get Connected, Get Paid! Strategies to Make Six Figures and Beyond
Learn why your "why" is so important to your success as an entrepreneur.
Learn why relationships are the currency of business success.
Learn the show-up, be up, follow up formula to turn contacts into contracts.