Can AI help your speaking career?

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many aspects of how we do things in today's world. This can be seen in fields ranging from engineering, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, and even the least expected one, the speaking career. The technological revolution of AI is made possible with the help of other technologies like machine learning and natural language processing.

The most common speaking careers include teacher, motivational speaker, lawyer, corporate trainer, and actor, just to mention a few. Artificial intelligence has a lot to offer to the speaking career by making speakers better at speaking in public and giving them the confidence needed.

Speaking in public can be daunting, especially if you are not used to it, and you may get anxious and lose the sense of the information that you intend to pass across; here is an article on the ways through which artificial intelligence can help your speaking career

Ways through which AI can help your speaking career

  1. AI provides real-time feedback

Most AI tools can process massive amounts of data quickly and give you the results within microseconds. Use artificial intelligence tools to analyze your public speaking skills. You can get instant insight and evaluation of how you are doing as you speak and make changes and improvements as you train. The good thing with AI is that as soon as you deliver your presentation, you get your feedback, and there is no need to wait.


  1. AI helps to track your progress and improvements

It is motivating to know your progress, especially if you have been working on perfecting some skills for quite some time. Most AI-based speaking apps track your progress and analyze how well you improve in every aspect of speaking, for example, your confidence level.

  1. Al can spot filler words.

As a speaker, sometimes you may experience filler words, especially if you don't have the correct content mastery or if you lack confidence in your speech. Using filler words such as "um…" when speaking might sound normal but can make your audience regard you as unsure or unprepared Most people in speaking careers undergo the training to unlearn filler words. If you are starting in your speaking career and cannot afford personal coaching on public speaking skills, you can use AI apps such as Descript, which is designed to spot filler words when you run your speech through it so that you can do away with the filler words for your presentation.


  1. AI tools are helpful for research.

A great speaker is a speaker who has diverse knowledge in so many topics and does research all the time. You can use AI as a research tool to retrieve and process massive data and narrow it down to a conclusion. Search engines are powered by artificial intelligence, where you can easily research any subject, unlike when you had to visit the library and do a manual search through so many books. AI has made life easier.


  1. AI tools give intelligent and constructive feedback.

AI does not only provide real-time feedback, but the feedback is also more thoughtful and constructive. Compared to humans, AI is more brilliant and provides feedback that ensures you do not repeat the previous mistake and are improving your speaking.



Now that you know how Artificial Intelligence is of great importance to your speaking career, we hope that you start engaging AI tools more often in every aspect of your speaking career and see the massive difference in the results. With AI, there is a guarantee of waving goodbye to anxiety during public speaking and employing the best practices of AI.