Jumping straight into the world of public speaking can seem very intimidating at first, considering you might be facing it all on your own. Everyone has a story of their own, expertise, and a unique message they want to share with an audience. Nevertheless, having a virtual assistant can be beneficial in guiding you on where and how to start. To further emphasize that, here are some factors where a virtual assistant can aid you in launching your speaking career.

Nurturing your Social Life

When becoming a public speaker, you must first consider the audience you want to reach out to. You'll need an audience of people willing to listen to you if you're going to be a successful speaker. The foundations of a successful speaking career will be the manifestation of a community of followers who are interested in what you have to say.

But alas, cultivating an audience of avid listeners is not an effortless task, especially if you aren’t naturally social savvy in the speaking world. In such matters, a virtual assistant can help you draft social blogs, muster a calendar for that blog, and eventually help you build substantial follower growth.

Research The Engagements

It might be challenging to find speaking engagements that match your skills, as well as your desired location and timetable. Virtual assistants may relieve you of that burden and help you locate a decent fit. They can put up a list of possible annual speaking engagements that you may utilize for the future.

Preparing Your Pitch

Your first course of action, while trying to pitch yourself as a speaker, should be to prepare a one-sheet, a resume of sorts. While filling up that sheet, it is wise to ask yourself some questions:

  1. Who are you to your audience? – Start from scratch; this is your identity. In this section, include your name and photo. But as simple as it seems, it is vital to keep in mind the picture you choose has to represent yourself in the way you want to portray yourself.
  2. What past experiences can you talk about? Include a brief professional biography that explains why the reader should hire you. ‘Draw’ a picture of what qualifies you as an expert on the subject you would want to discuss.
  3. What will you speak about? Speakers should know how they can benefit the audience. This is your moment to sell yourself to the audience. Choose a couple of your most powerful public speaking themes that are relevant to your target audience.
  4. What are others saying about me? Including other people's testimonies might help you get credibility. Request a short statement from prior event planners or audience members on what they learned from hearing you speak or working with you.

Establishing Fees & Payment

You must create and develop a price schedule contract as you begin your speaking career. When arranging speaking engagements, you'll need to react promptly to event planners and conference managers, and having those documents on hand can help keep everything on track.


A competent VA may be much more than just a personal assistant. They can feel like a partner, a cheerleader, and a friend to their speaking clients. Naturally, like with any partner, they are ecstatic when their clients succeed and constantly seek new methods to help them do so.