Star Bobatoon




Engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining, and impactful" are the words most often used to describe Star Bobatoon.

Star believes, that every time you speak it's a performance, and every place you speak is a stage. Star has over 30 years of experience as a performer on stage and screen, as an attorney, and as a top-performing trainer. She utilizes her diverse background to train speakers, coaches, and business owners to level up their public speaking and presentation skills and master the art of communication.

On the stage, Star captivates her audiences with humor, drama, and storytelling. She delivers practical information in a way that allows the audience to engage, understand and take action. Regardless of the topic, Star's audiences walk away feeling educated, enlightened, and empowered. As a coach, Star teaches clients how to develop and deliver compelling messages confidently, to grow their businesses and their influence.


Star believes every time you speak it's a performance and every place you speak is a stage. She delivers a stellar performance on every stage and helps her clients and audiences do the same


How to tell A Captivating Story that Connects and Converts
Learn how to communicate so people can hear us, understand us, and want to do business with us
Better communication skills lead to better results in conversations, relationships, and business
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The Art of Story Telling
Communication Expert