Testimonials from Your Speaking Engagements

Testimonials are precious for any business to accumulate. They can highlight the positive experiences of existing customers and provide insight for prospective customers who look online before purchasing a product or service.

A well-put-together testimonial, whether video, written, or even audio, is a powerful tool, so you shouldn’t underestimate its impact on marketing yourself as a speaker

Here are some of the best ways to gather testimonials from your next speaking gig:

Utilize LinkedIn: Many event coordinators, and potential customers, are using LinkedIn to determine if they want to work with you in the future. LinkedIn is a great place to gather testimonials of your work and you on stage. You can generate your QR code from LinkedIn, connect with attendees, and send a request for a recommendation all through the app.

Request a video: When you’ve gotten off stage, it’s a great time to network with your audience and meet new and familiar faces. While connecting, you can always ask them to film a short video where they say what they thought about the event and your talk.


Ask the event organizer: The event organizer will likely be very well-connected within the industry. Please don’t hesitate to ask them for a video testimony or another review form. Create a speaking testimonial survey with Google Forms and send this over immediately after your speaking engagement.

Connect via email: If you can, try to get the email addresses of any attendees. Ask the organizer to share their sign-up sheet, or you can set up a table meet and greet table requesting attendees to sign up. You can email them to ask them for feedback on the event and, if they are happy to, leave you a review or tag you in a social media post about the event. Also, this is a great way to ensure you continually make new connections.


Collect social media content: Check social media throughout and after the event, using the event hashtag or your own to capture what your audience is posting. They may not have tagged you, but this is an excellent way to collect social media testimonials. You can use screenshots to promote you as a speaker on your website. Also, nothing is more authentic than testimonials that you haven’t requested.


Because testimonials are such an important way of showcasing your work, it makes sense to make the most out of the opportunities you have to collect them in various formats.


So, next time you book your next speaking engagement, make sure you take into consideration the time you will need to ensure you can collect authentic and varied testimonials.